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Welcome aboard! We have populated your new site with some sample content to get you started with Draftbox.

30 December 20201 Min Read

We are excited to have you on-board. To give you a glimpse of what Draftbox is, we have populated it with sample posts.

A short story

We are building Draftbox on the promise of bringing JAMstack to content creators. We are very bullish on results when content creators can fully utilize JAMstack, and we want to empower them. Draftbox is a no-code JAMstack blogging platform that provides performance, user experience, SEO, security, and scalability without breaking a sweat.

Under the hood

Draftbox sites are created using Gatsby. Gatsby is a framework for building blazing-fast apps and websites. Gatsby has a flourishing ecosystem, strong community, and is being used by companies like Nike, Tinder, and AirBnB.

Draftbox sites are deployed to Netlify Edge. Netlify is a market leader in hosting services for static sites. Netlify has been at the forefront of the JAMstack revolution and loved by thousands of developers worldwide.

Next up — Draftbox Editor

As a content creator, you would be excited to learn what kind of content blocks you can add using editor.

BTW, you can delete these sample posts from dashboard.

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