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We built Draftbox so you can focus on what matters — content. Leave your other worries to us.

31 December 20204 Min Read

We built Draftbox so you can focus on what matters — content. Leave your worries about performance, user experience, SEO, security, and scalability to us.

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Advantages of having a Draftbox blog
Advantages of having a Draftbox blog


Image optimization

Draftbox optimizes images and renders ones that are appropriate for the current screen resolution (desktop, mobile, table, and everything in between), providing faster load time and reduced time-to-interactive.


Draftbox with its intelligent caching mechanism and leveraging CDN functionalities from Netlify: stores, invalidates, and fetches resources (E.g. HTML, CSS, Images, and JavaScript) in the background without affecting user experience. Draftbox generates sites which are PWA compliant that provides potential performance improvements by leveraging the cache for almost instant page loads.

Prefetch pages

Draftbox prefetches resources of other pages when the current page has loaded. This mechanism provides smoother and faster navigation among internal pages. Due to prefetch, there is a considerable reduction in bounce rate and an increase in domain authority.

SEO optimization

Built-in support for metadata, descriptive text for links and images, canonical URLs, XML sitemaps helps you rank your site better. Rich metatags for Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and JSON-LD provide a beautiful representation of your articles on every part of the web.

Web Vitals

With Google adding Web Vitals as one of the factors in their holy search ranking algorithm. So what are core web vitals? These are real-world experience metrics that Google is looking at, that answer things like: How fast does the page load? How fast is it interactive? How fast is it stable? Draftbox sites are carefully crafted and regularly optimized to meet the standards set by Google and W3C.

AMP pages

Google prioritizes AMP pages in mobile search results. AMP becomes a critical part of your content strategy since most of the searches happen over mobile. Draftbox provides clean, elegant, and valid AMP pages for your articles without breaking a sweat.

Why Draftbox?

Draftbox replaces the mess of bloated plugins/template code editing for essential functionalities, slower/broken site, security issues with Gatsby-powered static site, and in-built integrations that just works.

Users will love your site's experience

Provide 10x better experience with pre-built pages served from global CDN in a jiffy. In-built caching and image optimization will ensure a better experience even for poor internet connection. Not only that, once loaded, Draftbox prefetches resources for other pages, so clicking around the site feels incredibly fast.

Google will love your site’s SEO

Google has made site speed an actual search ranking factor, and Draftbox leaves no stone unturned to help you rank better. Along with performance, Draftbox also provides in-built SEO optimization. Essentials like metadata, descriptive text for links and images, sitemap are covered along with in-built AMP page generation.

Stay green, stay ahead
Stay green, stay ahead

Mobile-friendly experience

It takes less than a second for a mobile user to reach an opinion about your website, and Draftbox will ensure that you leave the first good impression. Along with responsive web design and clean layout, faster page load ensures a better experience for your users, even on mobile networks. AMP pages help increase visibility in organic search results on mobile.

Grow your audience

At Draftbox, we understand the importance of reaching out to as many users as you can, via different channels. In-built features like RSS feed, subscription form, social sharing and SEO optimization help you grow your audience via channels like RSS reader, mailing list, social sharing and search engines.

Build a great community

Analytics, forms, comments, and support are the 4 most essential pillars of nurturing a great community and providing them with the best content by understanding their behaviour, feedback, and engagement with your content. Draftbox provides all four pillars as in-built integrations.

Be ahead of the curve

Powered by tech that is currently being used by top-tier companies like Nike, Tinder & Airbnb.

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